Grow Your Vegetable Garden All Year Round – Outside and In!

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Keep Warm by Thinking of Your Spring Garden | 3 New Books from Quarto Knows

Though the Siberian Vortex is wreaking havoc on the world outside our front doors we can still warm the cockles of out heart with thoughts of the future. Quarto Press has recently released three gardening related books which can bring fantasies of Spring rains and sultry summer days spent in the garden. Get a hot …

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The Run on Latin America’s Raw Resources Endangering Environment, Ecosystems

See on – Digging The Earth  April 15, 2013 – Deutsche Welle: Environment & Development »THE RUN ON LATIN AMERICA’S RESOURCES Once neglected, now courted: Latin America is becoming increasingly important as a supplier of raw materials for German industry. China, Canada and the US are competitors in the race for natural resources…. …

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Future Generations To Pay For Our Mistakes: Biodiversity Loss Doesn’t Appear For Decades

See on – Digging The Earth April 15, 2013 Mongabay The biodiversity of Europe today is largely linked to environmental conditions decades ago, according to a new large-scale study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS)….   Future generations will inherit a natural world of our making. … the scientists say …