Loads of people have jumped into the gardening bandwagon.  They believe it’s a simple process of plugging seeds in dirt and occasionally watering them. I am tired of looking around and seeing would-be gardeners not enjoying a successful harvest from their vegetable gardens. So many people are struggling with it, and there just hasn’t been a solid resource created to help them understand their climate, soil, and amending needs for the best organic produce possible.

So I decided to build it. Let me explain the what’s, why’s, and how’s right now.

This could be your fall garden

Earthformed Was Designed for Home Vegetable Gardeners

Home vegetable gardening used to be part of normal everyday life.  People cultivated the ground, knew how to amend it and worked hard to make sure they had a good crop to preserve for their families.  With changes in society, industry and technology we have lost a lot of that heirloom knowledge.  People have become more concerned about getting ahead in the dog-eat-dog, busy world outside their front door to make a living and yet they still yearn to have a connection to the sources of their food and the ground itself.  Let me help you make that connection.

Lush, beautifully landscaped gardens are a wonder to behold, walk through, sit in and enjoy the sun surrounded by green and saturated hues of nature.  These gardens are usually kept up by teams of horticulturists and maintained by benefactors with deep pockets.  Gardening for me is more about getting down in the dirt, understanding what the plants need and enjoying seeing and tasting the fruits of my own labor.  Being in the garden gives me time to think about the day, the direction of my life, and delight hearing the buzz of the bees around me. One of the great pleasures of gardening is finding many earthworms in the friable dirt of your garden.  What makes this so much better is getting to share all these pleasures with your children or grandchildren or significant other.   It becomes more than a chore, but a learning experience that brings everyone closer to nature and helps them understand the importance of biodiversity, clean food and protecting our natural resources.

I fully understand that you have limited time and resources between secular jobs, caring for family and maintaining a household.  My goal is to provide instructions that will help you get the most out of your gardening efforts while still being able to enjoy the experience. Discovering the secrets that the dirt holds which nourishes and supports your edible plants is such a joy.

Let me be your raised vegetable garden guide, your secret gardener.