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Nine myths about cosmetic safety and the realities of cosmetic production.


Lucero De La Tierra‘s insight:

You may think this a strange place to put an article about cosmetic safety, but fact is pollution is pollution is pollution whether it’s in the ground, water, air or our bodies.  This is one reason I started this blog.  In addition to loving to garden and grow my own vegetables in the summer months I wanted to learn about how the things I eat and use affect me and my family.  This list of detailed myths really made me think seriously about the bottles and bottles of cosmetics, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions I have in my home.  The article reinforced to me that when it comes to our health and personal safety we are on our own.  The all mighty dollar takes the most prominent place in corporate industry and there are few who formulate truly ‘safe’ products.  


When you look around your community think of all the increasing number of cancer diagnoses, cases of autism, spike in allergies, learning disabilities, and digestive disorders.  Yes, we are imperfect and prone to these problems, but does their increase not concern you?  It does me.  Big businesses – pharma, agricultural and food production and manufacturing certainly do serve a purpose and bring necessary products to the masses.  When it comes down to it the individuals buying are the ones that have to take responsibility for what they consume because assuming ‘The Man’ is looking out for them is a bit too optimistic.

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