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With mounting evidence that topical fluoride is better for teeth, a case before a California court aims to end water fluoridation across the U.S.

You’ve no doubt been told by your dentist the importance of fluoride for preventing tooth decay. In addition to fluoride toothpaste, most dentists advise drinking fluoridated water to prevent cavities. Some pediatricians even recommend that kids whose water isn’t fluoridated take fluoride supplements. However, recent studies have challenged the conventional wisdom that fluoridated water prevents tooth decay.

Even more concerning is the mounting evidence that ingesting fluoride, even in amounts below the threshold set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), may be linked to a number of serious health effects, including lowered IQ, arthritis symptoms, weakened bones, and thyroid problems.

What do you think? Flouride is a necessary mineral, but is it doing more harm than good in our everyday drinking water? 

Did you know that massive amounts of flouride can actually lead to blackening of the teeth and disintegration of the bones even worse than osteoporosis?

Often times I think about all the scientific advances which have been made in the last 200 years and wonder if we’ve really done ourselves a favor or not.  Where we are now able to feed people more readily and on a wider scale humans have lost a connection to their food sources, the Earth and are suffering malnourishment even on a full belly.  We find ways to improve one aspect of life – like preventing tooth decay – and end up causing side effects and suffering that many don’t understand.  Personally, I’m starting to realize that the easy way out isn’t always the best.  Technology and medical advances have their place, but when they interfere with what makes us human it’s very sad. 

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