Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-03-01

  • @handbagheaven I’m still looking for a handba. I’ve been shopping at JCPenney, Kohl’s and Sears so far #
  • @eMom after I had DD2 in late December I was away from my computer so long my inbox was buried in 10s of thousands of emails! Yikes #
  • @frandrescher My mother in law is a 18 year ovarian cancer survivor. Thanks for your work and best wishes to you. #
  • @grabbagreviews Thanks for the opporunity to enter the contest for the Skuut beginners bike #
  • @playdatepicks Thanks for the Skuut beginner’s bike contest. Catch up with you on 3/4/09 to see who wins. #
  • Go to for a chance to win a Skuut beginner’s bike. Runs through 3/4/09. #
  • @playdatepicks Sorry I meant to say I’ll check back with you on 3/11/09 to see who wins the Skuut bike. Too many dates to keep track of! #
  • Go to for a chance to win a Skuut beginner’s bike. Runs through 3/5/09. #
  • If you love sweets go to to enter a contest for soom goodies #
  • Want a stable handsfree option for using your cellphone ipod or other mobile device? Enter to win @GrabBagReviews #
  • Enter for a chance to win some educational outdoor fun for your kids – Contest ends 3/7/09 @GrabBagReviews #

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