Have Your Children Participate In Nature

One of the reasons I feel so strongly about involving my little one(s) in the gardening process is because it is such a great learning experience.  They learn how to plant seeds, when and how to prepare the ground, what to look for as far as weeds, what parts of a plant are edible or not, the colors of the flowers,  etc. etc.

DD1 simply loves to play in the herb garden with me.  She knows that the basil, mint, stevia, sage, lavendar and rosemary are edible as opposed to the hostas, petunias and sedum in my flower garden.  Her favorite combination is the mint and stevia because it tastes like gum.

For me it is amazing to watch her marvel at the textures, colors, smells and tastes of the garden.  We also have some apple trees and a good size yard that offers many different creature experiences.  The NatureBag company has created an educational packet to take full advantage of all the different items you find outdoors.

To learn more about the NatureBag and enter to win one for your munchkin go to GrabBagReviews for several chances to enter.

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