Today when I looked outside I saw something wonderful – green.  There are hyacinths coming up in the back yard.  Next to one of our outbuildings my “giant” daylilies are sprouting.  To the west of the house the dianthus that dried up like an old neglected leather shoe is sprouting new grayblue pups.  In the front yard just to the east of the doorstep there is a little clump of daffodils that has popped up out of the ground.  When I went to check on the “pie pieces” near the end of the drive way I discovered that my daylilies there were also sprouting and that the artemisia (wormwood) was growing under its mat of dried out stems from last year.

The other thing I discovered underneath the artemisia was a nest.  It has got to be a rabbit nest.  My husband was teasing me that maybe it was a creature “with sharp pointy teeth”.  If you’ve ever watched Monty Python you know what that means. 

It was so nice to see all these plants making their way back into the world after the long, cold, icy winter.  I hope to be out there with them soon planting some companions.

As soon as I get my USB port issue fixed I’ll upload the pictures from my camera.