Keeping the Air Clean with the Thermal Oxidizer by Adwest Technologies

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Environmental technology is a growing industry, especially now that many governments around the globe have mandated reductions in deadly and toxic emissions from public and private corporations. Adwest Technologies is a company that is at the forefront of helping provide industrial solutions to the problem of Hazardous Air Pollutants, or HAP’s, and Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOC’s, from chemical processing plants. The thermal oxidizer by Adwest Technologies, Inc. is one such solution. This company has placed over 800 of these systems worldwide since its inception in 1988. A Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer helps to destroy HAP’s and VOC’s by oxidizing them at extremely high temperatures and converting them from CO2 to oxygen.

Some of the advantages that this flameless system has for corporations that are trying to gain energy and emissions compliance are these:

  •  A cost reduction in overall VOC reduction projects
  •  A Primary RETOX RTO Heat Recovery of up to 97% for better energy efficiency
  •  In-shop pre-assembly for faster installation * 24/7 Service Support with free remote service diagnostics
  •  and many more This company is a member of CECO Environmental, a publicly traded company that specializes in providing aftermarket sales, as well as air pollution control and engineered air abatement solutions.

When looking for a company to help establish and maintain a compliant emissions control system, it pays to work with a company that has a decades-long history of experience and a proven track record in the field of air abatement.

This content is brought to you by Adwest Technologies.

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