Today’s boostyourblog challenge inspiration is: A skill I wish I could learn overnight is… how to grow and use every plant on earth to their best and most potent advantage. Having that kind of knowledge would be so powerful. You would be able to survive wherever you found yourself. You could teach others with little food or access to medical facilities how to use the plants around for food and medicine. You would know the nutritional content, benefits, toxins and effects of every plant on Earth. If I could learn that overnight it would be amazing.

I thought about choosing something like playing the piano, baking bread or becoming a gourmet chef. These are all things I find interesting and if I so desired I could with time learn to do them. That is why I chose something that I knew would be beyond my abilities and time on earth to learn. Something that if I had that knowledge I’d be able to benefit all mankind if they chose to listen.

Being a gardening lover I’m always researching how to grow my foods naturally without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. I want to enjoy my hobby but also to nourish my family without harming them. I had to ponder this for days and finally this morning it struck me what I wanted to write about. So if you could learn a skill overnight, what would it be?