Preparing Irises for spring in November


I cannot believe it is November already. Doesn’t

seem like that long ago summer was just beginning. Now in six short weeks we’ll have old

man winter on our doorstep again.

My daughter and I were outside today planting some

iris corms. They are spaced about 6″ apart and I don’t think I’m going to have enough

room to plant them all. As you can see from my post below I ended up with quite a lot of

iris corms. Some are purple, some yellow and some yellow with the rust colored throat.Â

The site will be quite splendid next spring when and if they bloom. My daughter treated

the corms like they were babies and handed them to me to put to bed and pretended the roots

were jammys. She enjoyed playing like Tigger and bears and dinosaurs until she got too

cold and wanted to come inside. She is so much fun.


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